If you’re reading this before Jan 10th at 10am, congratulations! You know before everyone else! I have 3 big announcements that Facebook and Twitter won’t know until then.

#1. I’ve been booked to return to the Flora-Bama once a month starting Tuesday Jan 28th – For more info on exactly when and where, check my TOUR DATES page!

#2. I’ll be playing a set for Seagull Guitars at the Godin Booth at the NAMM Show on Saturday Jan 18th at 1:30pm. I love my Seagull Guitar (named “Lady Outlaw” because of her gold tooth) and am honored that they’re having me back… and on the busiest day of the conference!

#3. Words fail to express just how happy and proud this makes me – GET INTO IT will be joining the already incredible soundtrack of one of my newest favorite shows on TV, “STUMPTOWN” starring Cobie Smulders. The episode airs Wed. Jan 15th… that’s all I can tell you!

That’s all I know for now – more stuff on the horizon but in the meantime, 2020 is looking mighty fine!

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