Show Me What U Got

Released May 2005
Produced by Peter Gilroy
Mixed by Andy Zeitz
Recorded at Pebble Studios (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
Mastered by Nick Blagona at Metalworks Studios (Toronto, ON, Canada)



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1.  I’ll Come To You
2.  Mr. Bad Timing
3.  It’s Over
4.  Couldn’t It Wait (til the morning)
5.  Let’s Just Get Drunk
6.  Philly No More
7.  Bebopalula
8.  Dance Like No One’s Looking
9.  Lion’s Mouth
10.  Keep It Up
11.  Show Me What You Got
12.  Kiss

2 thoughts on “Show Me What U Got

  1. Hi Trevor. Sure miss you here in Canada. Remember seeing you at Cedar Cove Resort south of Arnprior. I was listening to Q107 today and they played a Stevie Ray Vaughan song called Life by the Drop. The music was identical to your song Lets Get Drunk.

    1. Hey! That was actually pointed out to me after the CD came out… thankfully it’s only the verses that are musically similar. That’s the blues for ya!

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