I’m excited to be coming back to the Ottawa Valley to celebrate the release of “GET INTO IT”, my 6th studio album! And I’ve got some of my Nashville friends coming with me…

The first party will be Friday, November 8th in Ottawa at the OVERFLOW BREWING COMPANY. This will be my first time there, but it looks like a great room to see and hear live music!

Then, on Saturday, November 9th my friends and I will be in Renfrew at BATSTONE’S NORTHERN RAMBLE. This is going to be an up-close and personal show for sure! I have very fond memories of gigs that I’ve done all over the Valley in Arnprior, Carleton Place, Killaloe (“Dance Like No One’s Looking” was written for my experiences there) and I’m hoping to see some familiar faces!

For tickets, go to: 

Overflow Brewing Company – https://overflowbeer.com/

Batstone’s Northern Ramble Рhttps://www.northernramble.com

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