“…the life I love is making music with my friends, I just can’t wait to get on the road again.” – Willie Nelson

Something that I have to constantly work on is stopping to smell the roses.  I have a tendency of only looking forward to what’s next and not taking stock of what’s been accomplished.

That being said, I’m writing this to do just that – take stock and show some appreciation for 2017.

Last year I put on a lot more miles on the van and my psyche… In no special order, I went to the UK, Canada (Red Deer and Edmonton, AB; Saskatoon and Whelan, SAS; Ottawa, ON), Nevada, California, Washington, New York, Florida and Louisiana.  I met some incredible people, played and heard a lot of great music and made friends that I’m hoping to have for a lifetime.

Some of my favorite moments were:
– Playing at the Whiskey A Go-Go in LA two nights in a row and hanging backstage with a group of people that would have made 15 year old me giddy and shake his head in disbelief (Nuh-uh. No way. That guy was there?)
– The Trevinator Dbl Neck Dean Gatewood Guitar.  Oh, oh yes.
– Hanging with the Romantics in Vegas
– Getting to go back to Ottawa and surprise some of my friends by showing up at their gigs
– Hanging in Memphis for a couple of days of vacation, just me and the Mrs eating awesome BBQ and watching some great blues music

Just to name a few.  There were more, too many to mention, and my stories have become a lot more name-drop-y lately.

Looking ahead to 2018, there are a lot of ideas and things in the works like doing more Facebook Live Events and Periscoping from gigs, a podcast, and perhaps most importantly, this is going to be a milestone – June 13th marks the 20 year anniversary of the release of my first CD, “Morning Man”.  How am I going to celebrate THAT????  It’s still not old enough to drink in the States…

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season, now it’s time for me to turn my head forward again.  See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Happy 2018!

  1. Hey Trevor, I enjoy reading your tweets and visiting the sites you play at via web links etc.. Keep on trucking young guy!

    Dave Holland no NOT the jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader, the Dave who plays golf with your dad! 🙂

    p.s. you double neck guitar looks and sounds awesome!

  2. So great to see/hear you on stage at Buds On Broadway Saskatoon! Been ‘way too long, please come back soon 🙂

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