The BOOTLEG Series (2010/11)

     Released May 2010
Recorded Live at Norm’s River Roadhouse
Nashville, TN, USA
Mastered by Pat Lassiter

Released February 2011
Recorded Live at Tucson’s
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Mastered by Pat Lassiter

2 thoughts on “The BOOTLEG Series (2010/11)

  1. we were in Bootleggers Inn on May 19, 2012 and you sang a song that had a mixture of songs kind of like a ‘rap’ and we loved it so much . never heard anyone sing the way ya’ll do . loved it when your bandmate took the jalapeno moonshine shot . timeless ! we had a shot of all the others but not that one !!!!! hope to see ya at Bootleggers Inn again next year when we go to Nashville ! karen hill

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