My way of making music hasn’t changed, but the delivery method sure has. I’m ‘my first recordings were on cassette’ years old.

Instead of dropping a whole album all at once, I’ll be releasing a song at a time on streaming services like Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube Music, etc. My reason for doing this is simple – well, there are a few reasons, but the main one is every song is special to me and I want as many people to hear them as possible. On Spotify, when you release an album, you can only submit one song from the whole thing for consideration for playlists and if that song is chosen, that’s the one that gets all the attention and the others are often ignored. By doing it a song at a time, every one is now submitted and considered.

In keeping with tradition, there’s always a wink or two to the people that are paying attention. Every song’s cover art reveals a little more of the full album’s art work, thus the name of the full album, “SUM OF ITS PARTS“. Gotta admit, I’m pretty proud of that one.

There will be videos to go along with every song as well – check out my YouTube page to see them all in one place.


TERRIBLE LIAR – July 27 2021
NO YOU DON’T – Sept. 21 2021
FROG & THE SCORPION – Oct. 26 2021
LITTLE MISS – Dec. 7 2021
TBA – Jan 2022
TBA – March 2022
TBA – April 2022
TBA – June 2022
TBA – July 2022
TBA – Aug 2022

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