Greenfield’s Pub
Ottawa, ON Canada

I’m excited to be coming back to Ottawa for the 7th Annual Education for Africa Variety Show!  Back in 2009, my Dad and brother climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro – for my dad it was a profoundly moving experience and since the people of Tanzania were nice enough to let them climb their mountain he decided they wanted to give something back and has been raising money for Africa ever since.

I’ve often said that Dad went up the mountain a chartered accountant and came down a philanthropist.

CLICK HERE for tickets!

CLICK HERE to check out Dad’s fundraising efforts and successes, including the book that he and my brother wrote about their Kilimanjaro experience.


TIFFANY in NY and Epcot

The “A Million Miles” tour continues!  On Oct 21st we’ll be playing at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY for a “Totally 80s Halloween Bash” – CLICK HERE for tickets.

I’m also very very happy that we’re going back again this year to the Happiest Place on Earth to play Epcot for their Food and Wine festival!  Last year was epic.
Oct 27-29 – visit THEIR WEBSITE for all the details

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