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  1. Hi Trevor,

    My wife Sally and I saw you playing at Dolan’s in Spring hill the other night with Jennifer, you guys make a great team and you do a hell of job. We were your cheering squad on your right who requested one way out and Sweet child of mine. Really enjoyed the show, hope to see you guys again some time.

    Crash, bang boom,

  2. You guys got real traction at the Slippery Noodle in Indy Sat night. Pack your lunch and come play in Texas!

  3. I saw you guys play quite a few years ago at the Southside shuffle in Mississauga. I believe you were playing at the Harp. There were no tables left when I got there so my girlfriend friend (now ex) and I sat at your table with someone who I think was your girlfriend. Ended up buying your Home Tonight cd. Still love it and so does everyone.I play it for. I’m glad you guys are still playing and hope I can get a chance to see you guys live again.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Trevor,

    I just got home from Nashville. What an amazing place!

    Your show with Jennifer at Bootleggers Inn had me spellbound! You are both amazing!!

    Tonight my 11 year old son and I watched some of your online videos. My son has been playing only about a year….When he saw you play, he said “I want to do that someday”. 🙂

    As a mother, I can only hope so.

    I hope I get to see you play again…..Do you ever make it to the West Coast?

    Thanks for an amazing show!

  5. Hi Trevor We miss you sooo much in Ottawa. When will you be coming home?

  6. Hi Trevor.

    Been a while since our group of albertans found you in a bar in Nashville right before the CMA’S a couple ears ago but we’re still hoping we’ll see you play again. Now I see your heading back up north? Any plans to play in Alberta?


  7. Really enjoy your music and wondering if you have any future tour plans to come on a Canadian tour.

  8. Hey Trevor, Its been a long time, Love the Website, Glad to see your doing so well. Hope the memories of my party and the mosquitoes have faded. My friends still talk about though.

  9. I moved from Ottawa to Quebec City and lost track of you and your career after you moved to Nashville… so glad to see you’re still doing music (not that I doubted you would!). I miss the nights at the Bassline when you’d let me sing backvocals on stage with you! Good times! Cheers! (I still play your CDs on a regular rotation in my car!)

  10. Hi Trevor, My wife and I meet you at the Bootleger in Nashville. WE were there for 10 days, just before the CMA TV this year. Great to get you on web. Do you plan to play in Montréal soon ? Nice meeting you again in a bar somewhere.

  11. WOW!!!!

    I saw you in Bootleggers and I was in awe of your talent. The way you pick both sides of the strings and feel every note drew me in. I appreciate your generosity in giving me your guitar pick. I promise to put it to good use…

    You & Jen were the highlight of the trip for me. I really appreciate what you do with that Seagull. I felt like I was on tour with you feeling every note. You made me want to play as soon as I heard you getting down that fret board. Someday I hope to be as half as good as you! WOW WOW WOW

  12. Wow’s sister here

    We listened to musicians up and down Broadway, but none compared to you…You feel every note and beat with your heart and soul. I feel very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to watch you perform and hope to see you again.


    1. Happy New Year! I was just going through the comments on my website and found this.
      Thank you Missy! Hope y’all come see us again soon!

  13. Hey there! Been a fan forever, seen you a few times in Quebec. Will you be back anytime soon?

  14. Please be in Nashville the following weekend -I’ll be back again with a friend!! You were amazing

  15. Trevor wanted to tell you guys again how much i enjoyed the show saturday night. You guys rocked the house. I was extremely impressed by your guys talents and willingness to play requested music you guy f%$×&€*# rock. Cant use that f word in nashville lol. We will be seeing alot of each other. You guys blew the roof off of deirks Bentleys sat night. May you all be blessed. You guys are one reason i love Nashville.

  16. Talked for a while after his show, he is a very kind man. And definitely worth going to see his music!

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