IMG_20130730_142449Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to the new and improved official TREVOR FINLAY website – the gateway to the sights and sounds of my life.

Although not the newest sight or sound, here’s a trailer to the increasingly popular documentary, “Send My Mail To Nashville” from film-maker Stacey K. Black!  Watch, enjoy and like her Facebook page to find out when it’s coming to a theater near you!

Finally!  After scouring the net for a template that would work for me and didn’t need a whole lot of coding, I’m proud to unveil the new site – trevorfinlay.com 4.0!  (Thank goodness for youtube tutorials.  I feel like I learned a new language.)

Along with the new look, we’ve added:

  • Sandpaper & Bourbon page under music
  • New widgets for both video and music
  • Updated bio
  • New high-res press photos

    New CD!  Sandpaper & Bourbon

    New CD! Sandpaper & Bourbon


  1. Rodney Taylor June 22, 2014 10:06 pm  Reply

    I’ve seen you twice in Nashville now. You rock! I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Wayne Kennedy October 16, 2014 5:32 am  Reply

    Hey bud
    A mate of mine who you met I Australia a few years back, Pete Sneddon played me one of your albums last Friday night when we did a gig together..
    I am now a fan ..
    He played me the show me what you got album…

    Let’s just get drunk wooooooo

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