If you called TREVOR FINLAY versatile, you would be right. 

Primarily, he’s been a professional musician for over 30yrs and up until the 2020 lockdown, logged a ridiculous number of over 300 gigs a year, touring all over the world as both a solo artist and as a hired gun for others. Even during the pandemic, TREVOR kept up his #MondayFunday weekly livestream that started 2yrs prior, easily transitioning from his regular club gig to his home and it continues to this day.

Artistically, he always leans towards the styles of blues and rock, or as Drum Media in Australia said, “a little bit Muddy Waters and a little bit David Lee Roth”. Maybe not that extreme, but TREVOR will definitely cop to the influences of not only both of them, but also the likes of the Rolling Stones and the Allman Brothers have made indelible marks on his music. Even though there aren’t any 17 minute songs in FINLAY’s repertoire, his guitar solos are tastefully melodic and often syncopated, and always serve the song. 

Most recently, FINLAY has been working on his newest project entitled “SUM OF ITS PARTS”, which is a bit of a play on words as every song is being released individually to streaming services first. The first song that TREVOR unleashed to the public was the 70’s rock influenced guitar driven “Terrible Liar”, followed by the bouncy blues/rock tune “No You Don’t”, which puts the piano front and center with a side of talkbox guitar for spices and garnish. The third release was the moody-broody “The Frog & The Scorpion” – a song that starts softly smoldering and builds in intensity to a full on house fire, with a tip of the hat to Tom Waits

Musically, TREVOR is a sought after sideman for his ability to perform many styles from country to blues and rock to pop. 

Songwriter” is another title that fits TREVOR like a glove, having written multiple albums worth of material as well as songs that have appeared in film and TV (SEND MY MAIL TO NASHVILLE, ALL RISE, STUMPTOWN). FINLAY has also co-written songs that have appeared on other artist’s albums, from up-and-comers to award winners to legitimate cultural icons.

Producer” and “Session Musician” go hand in hand as he’s worked on not only his own records, but on a constantly expanding catalog of others as well.

Audiobook Narrator” has just been added to the ever-growing list of credits, lending the “power, gravity and rasp” (Music City Roots) of his voice to the spoken word.

What’s next for TREVOR FINLAY? We can’t wait to find out.